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Hellfire Deathcult - Al Nombre de la Muerte LP/CD BUNDLE

Get the LP (black vinyl) and CD at a great bundle price!!

HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present HELLFIRE DEATHCULT’s highly anticipated third album, Al Nombre de la Muerte, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

For nearly a decade now, Chicago’s HELLFIRE DEATHCULT have doggedly pursued an uncompromising and fiercely focused vision of blackgrind. From their debut EP, 2014’s Ave Mors – which HELTER SKELTER reissued in late 2018 – on to two full-lengths as well as prolific assaults on the live front, this power-trio have proven dependable and DEADLY. Theirs is a world-eating sound, and hypnotically so, whose bulldozing physicality recalls classic Archgoat, Goatpenis, Black Witchery, and Morbosidad but with a punishing persona all their own.

Nearly four years on from their last full-length, HELLFIRE DEATHCULT return to an ever-cursed world with their third album, Al Nombre de la Muerte. Immediately, the gutted blackgrind is recognizably HELLFIRE DEATHCULT – primitive, primordial, powerful – and is encased in a sweltering production that skillfully highlights all the nuance and nous of this uncompromising, unmerciful sound. However, scratch deeper below the barbed-wire surface and one will find that they’ve subtly perfected the art of catchiness across Al Nombre de la Muerte: anchored by gnawing & clawing riffs with a nuclear fuckton of bottom end, HELLFIRE DEATHCULT almost effortlessly dole out hummable hymns – but of course, ones that authentically breathe the blackest essence of this arcane art, all through a grimy gasmask. So, while their aesthetic foundation remains firm, with this new record HELLFIRE DEATHCULT challenges to be included in that (black)list of (un)hallowed names.

Hellfire Deathcult - Al Nombre de la Muerte LP/CD BUNDLE

299,00 krPrice
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