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Horn of the Rhino - Summoning Deliverance CD

American Sludge/Doom/Thrash Metal band. Their fourth album from 2014. 

The band’s latest is Summoning Deliverance, the fourth release under the second and more precise moniker (Breed the Chosen One being officially re-released by the band in 2013), and incontestably Horn of the Rhino’s most devastating and multi-faceted creation to date.

Recognized for their potent concoctions of groove and grimness, the band have stayed on a path that has become considerably darker, replete with visions of demon seed and Luciferian beast. Summoning Deliverance’s cover (for which Horn of the Rhino routinely demand and receive excellence, this time from the inimitable Nick Keller) conjures an end-time scenario culled from the scorched expanses of the Netherrealm. And as they’ve grown so well-accustomed to doing, the trio have taken Keller’s artwork and painted its aural equivalent with no shortage of blazing riffery, a doom’s day atmosphere, and the enchanting and magnificent vocal work of guitarist Javier Gálvez.

Horn of the Rhino - Summoning Deliverance CD

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