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Horrified ‎– Descent Into Putridity CD

Welcome to the darkened recesses of old school Death Metal. Firmly rooted in those hallowed traditions, we have one deceptively young band that twist the sickening riffs and patterns of old even further, in their neverending worship of the extreme. The early offerings from bands like Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Pestilence, Death, Cancer, Gorguts and Morgoth are the reference point for this depraved group of individuals from Newcastle, U.K., named Horrified. Formed back in 2012, evolving from a one-man studio project and featuring current members from other established acts in the North East Metal scene (Plague Rider, Risen Prophecy and Winds Of Genocide), Horrified are definitely a band to watch out for. They burst onto the underground scene with a genuine penchant for the rotten, uncompromising and mouldy Death Metal of old that we wholeheartedly support through Memento Mori. "Descent into Putridity", which is only the band´s debut full-length album, displays everything you wish your Death Metal possesses: maggot-infested tunes, encrusted riffs, wailing solos, pummeling drums and viciously demented vocals à la Van Drunen/Tardy, all of which team up with the vibrant urgency that this genre requires as a terrific reminder of why people fell in love with Death Metal so long ago. In order to help capture the raw and blood-dripping essence of this fresh band, "Descent into Putridity" was mastered by Javier Felez at the already famed Moontower Studios in Barcelona and features some original and morbid artwork provided by Vincent Helmkamp (Necromaniac ´zine). All in all, this is an album that will definitely appeal to every single deathster unaware of trends and experimentation. Come join Horrified in their descent into putridity!!!

Horrified ‎– Descent Into Putridity CD

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