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Infernarium - Pimeän Hohto MLP

Infernariums debut "Pimeän Hohto", originally released as a 3 track demo in 2016. Now released with 1 bonus track. Available on 12" vinyl, CD & digital. 

HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS is proud to present INFERNARIUM, Pimeän Hohto, on CD and 12" vinyl formats. 

Originally self-released by the band in 2016 on digital format only, INFERNARIUM's Pimeän Hohto has now been buttressed by an additional track, making the whole record a satisfying 22-minute experience. As such, then and especially now, the EP presents the perfect introduction to this power-trio. Hailing from the black metal hotbed of Finland, INFERNARIM indeed exhibit many of their homeland's foremost traits - filthy texture, dungeon-bred dynamics, intensity that's equally fiery and freezing cold - but uniquely underpinned by a tangible sense of gloom, most especially on the dark folkiness of the EP's title track.

Infernarium - Pimeän Hohto MLP

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