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Invigningsriten -  Demo 1 TAPE

We are proud to present the Dalecarlian black noise audio ritual on cassette by Invigningsriten (SE). Released on Wagner Ödegårds own label Brugmanziah (distributed & marketed by Regain Records). Available on limited edition cassette with 6 panel J-card. Out now!!!

Invigningsriten is a psychotic hallucination.

Psychedelic indused death hallucinations strangeled into vocalization, combined with a hallucinated wall of noise. Famished from nutritious sources of riffing and inspiration.
The decaying sound is backed up by a ritualistic beating that rapidly turns into a psychotic rhythm drowned in a confused pace.

Decay Worship, Death Ritualistic, Primeval Forest Trance.

Invigningsriten plays Dalecarlian black noise exclusively!!!

Free streaming on our bandcamp:

Invigningsriten - Demo 1 TAPE

129,00 krPrice
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