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Krypta Nicestwa - Sarkofagi Nocnych Zjaw MLP

New mini-album from Poland's fast-rising KRYPTA NICESTWA, Sarkofagi nocnych zjaw, on single-sided 12" vinyl format. Although a relatively new entity, forming in 2018, KRYPTA NICESTWA have feverishly built a considerable canon across two demos and two splits. Across those short-lengths, the duo have duly displayed their geographical constitution, honoring their noble roots with a grim 'n' mystical sound that's poignantly Polish in a most mid-'90s manner. Now, with the four-song/21-minute mini-album Sarkofagi nocnych zjaw, KRYPTA NICESTWA transcend their prior work and strike upon a new sort of mastery. Still grim as ever, the duo's ruminations here are more restless and definitely more haunting, suggesting ghostly expanses in between their reverberating-through-the-night notes. Their black metal is melodic yet miserablist, devilish and delirium-inducing, hitting an absolute peak with the medieval, synth-led swell of "W sferze pzoagrobowego trwania," suggesting cobwebbed corridors they'll explore in the future. Prepare for the Celtic winter with KRYPTA NICESTWA's Sarkofagi nocnych zjaw!

Krypta Nicestwa - Sarkofagi Nocnych Zjaw MLP

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