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Mephistofeles - The Live Anthology, 6 TAPE BOXSET

The Live Anthology and more for all the Mephistofeles maniacs out there!

6 cassettes housed in a heavy luxurious sturdy case wrapped box. 
This box is strictly limited to 300 copies (100 die hard version and 200 regular).

This boxset will only be released on cassette format exclusively, no vinyl boxset or CD boxset.


Cassette boxset regular version limited to 200 copies comes with:
-6 black tapes
-black & white flag (65x95cm)
-extensive booklet including lots of rare photos and liner notes by Gabriel Ravera and Billy Goatie.


Tapes included in the boxset:
Tape 1: The Mayhem Sessions
Tape 2: Music is Poison
Tape 3: Hot Print
Tape 4: Live at Detroit Club
Tape 6: Barely Alive
Tape 6: Angels or demons... the sons of MARIJUANA 

Music Cassette 1
Band: Mephistofeles
Title: Mayhem Sessions
Specification: Recorded Live on tape at Mayhem Hotel by Diego Rey 22nd of April 2017
Side A (repeats both sides)
1.Mayhem Hotel
2.White Magick SS
3.Transylvanian Funeral
4.Black Forest People


Music Cassette 2
Band: Mephistofeles
Title: Music is Poison
Specification: Full set recorded live at Santiago de Chile on Friday 6th, 2018.
Side A
1.Transylvanian Funeral    
2.The Night Stalker    
4.Curse Of The Knife
Side B    
5.Chains Of Agony    
6.Trash Lord    
8.Evil Beauty    
9.White Butterfly


Music Cassette 3
Band: Mephistofeles
Title: Hot Print
Specification: Live set at Electric Funeral VII, 14th September 2018.
Side A (repeats side B)
1.Poison Eyes
2.Wizard of Meth
4.The Night Stalker
5.Curse of the Knife
6.Chains of Agony


Music Cassette 4
Band: Mephistofeles
Title: Live at Detroit Club
Specification: Recorded live on 10/20/2018 at Detroit Club, Moron by Nicolas Lunzi. Mixed and produced by Diego Rey at Mayhem Hotel.
Side A
1.Transylvanian Funeral
2.Evil Beauty
3.Poison Eyes
Side B
4.The Nigth Stalker
6.Curse Of The Knife
7.Chains Of Agony


Music Cassette 5
Band: Mephistofeles
Title: Barely Alive
Specification: Live at El Emergente, Club in Almagro, recorded October 16th 2021.
Side A
1.Buried in Worms
2.The Meaning of all Evil
4.Die in Vain
Side B
5.Last Will
6.Damnation or Salvation
7.Lucky Spin


Music Cassette 6 (CASSETTE ONLY, NO DIGITAL!!)
Band: Mephistofeles
Title: Angels or demons... the sons of MARIJUANA
Exclusive unreleased studio & demo recordings.
Track 1-6 (side A)  & 1-3 (side B) are written, played and recorded by Mephistofeles.
Track 4-5 written, played and recorded by Gabriel Ravera.
Side A
1.Buried in Worms
2.The Meaning of All Evil (Take 1)
4.The Meaning of All Evil (Take 33)
5.Chapel´s Sins
6. Die in Vain (Take 2)
Side B
7.Communion of the Vile
8.Die in Vain (Take 1)
9.Lucky Spin
10.La Bimba di Satana
11.Tombstone Boogie

Mephistofeles - The Live Anthology, 6 TAPE BOXSET

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