Split album by Necroblood (France) & Psychomorphis (Canada/Denmark). 

Necroblood who entitled their side of the split LP "The Lurking Horror" plays regressive black-death metal exclusively & needs no further introduction. 3 songs of utter relentless brutality. 

The Canadian/Danish trio Psychomorphis who have entitled their contribution to this split release "Amorphous Chaos" plays extraterestial cthulhu metal straight from the face of Yuggoth. Featuring ex members of Sadomator, Morbosidad & members from Necroholocaust, Ligfaerd and Vomit Angel. Should appeal to fans of early Beherit, Von & Naked Whipper.


Cassette version, limited to 100 units on 50xblack & 50xwhite tapes.

Necroblood / Psychomorphis ‎– The Lurking Horror / Amorphous Chaos MC (White)

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