Necrodeath - Mater of All Evil LP

The first ever real vinyl versions of Mater of All Evil and Black as Pitch from Italian Thrash (Deathrash) pioneers NECRODEATH!

The squadron started out back in 1984 and released two classic piece of razor-sharp Thrash metal in form of the albums Into the Macabre (1987) and Fragments of Insanity (1989).

After a period of hibernation, NECRODEATH reunited in the late 90s and released the third album Mater of All Evil* (2000) and fourth Black as Pitch (2001) shortly afterwards.

Style wise, Necrodeath has always stood for something unique: their brand of raw, skillful Thrash Metal. With the classic Italian occult aura permeating through the sound! For some name-dropping, think Seven Churches by POSSESSED, South of Heaven by SLAYER, Blood Fire Death by BATHORY, The Awakening by MERCILESS and Anno Domini by TORMENTOR.

Both albums have been mastered for vinyl by Magnus “Devo” Andersson, Endarker Studio, 2021.

Necrodeath - Mater of All Evil LP

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