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Necroven - Primordial Subjugation CD

The soul-crushing sophomore full-length album by this Spanish act into the kind of dark, brutal and malodorous Death Metal that many of us fell in decomposing love with in the early and mid 90´s. Their previous two demos ("Hidden Blasphemies" and "Perpetual Scorn") and their debut full-length album ("Worship of Humiliation", on Memento Mori), gained Necroven some good following amongst the underground dwellers. Now, the time has come to spread total sickness through a sophomore full-length album that´s definitely yet another smelly, grimy and solid piece of darkened art. The music seethes with unmitigated fury, churning out earth-rumbling tunes, the air reeking of malice and anger, and there being enough friction to set things afire. Fans of Incantation, Morbid Angel, Immolation, Sadistic Intent, Goreaphobia, Imprecation and more recent bands such as Dead Congregation, Cruciamentum and Grave Miasma will find a new favourite in Necroven. Mastered by the prominent Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio (U.K.) and featuring a stunning hand-painted cover art by none other than the legendary Joe Petagno, “Primordial Subjugation” is perfect in essence and proudly represents the second coming of pure Death Metal untainted by trends.

Necroven - Primordial Subjugation CD

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