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Nervochaos - Ablaze LP

Eighth album from 2019 by this Brazilian Death Metal band.

“Ablaze”, the title of the new album from Brazil’s NervoChaos, and it is a very strong offering for the Death Metal scene...and beyond... If this is your introduction to the band, you need to know that they have a discography dating back to 1996. And to say that this is strictly Death Metal is pushing the boundaries to say the very least. Influences are abound, chaotic, and absolutely crushing. The sounds here are stripped down to their basic elements but are played and presented in such a way that makes these guys serious contenders to the “brutality through simplicity” throne. And then still, this band hold their own against any number of the most technically diverse band playing Death Metal, maybe because a certain Thrash/Crossover/Punk attitude is present as well.

When you listen to this album for the first time, you might pick up influences such as Sarcofago and early Sepultura, with a 21th century production and approach. Most of the tracks on here have a pretty decent pace to them, but on a couple tracks the band slows things down and it gives a doom type vibe to the material and the tone of the guitars seems to have an extra added “bite” as well. Another straight forward aspect of the album are the lyrics. The lyrical content is straight to the point and the vocals that deliver these lyrics are devastating and right in your face! Everything about this album is old school by design and old school in delivery, but still very much 2019 in many ways.

Even though mentioning two classic Brazilian bands as influences, these guys are more than good enough to step out of their shadows. With the way the times and musical tastes of the fans are changing, it is not easy to keep their attention, but NervoChaos know exactly how to do it and with this release they will succeed in appealing to fans of both death and thrash metal and could even extend that to other sub genres as well. This album will take you back to times when underground Metal was fresh and inventive. It is bands like NervoChaos that put smiles on the faces of Metal heads because not only are they true to themselves and true to the fans, they are true to the perfection of Metal in its absolute form.

Nervochaos - Ablaze LP

SKU: HHR2019-22LP
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