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Nunslaughter / Sloth - Split PIC 7"EP

Split between two bands from the US. Nunslaughter play Death Metal and Sloth play Punk/Noise/Experimental.

A reissue, on exclusive 7" picture disc, of the 2007 split 7" between NUNSLAUGHTER and the American SLOTH. Released on a long-gone label, this split paired NUNSLAUGHTER with one of their oddest split-record partners. NUNSLAUGHTER, as expected, offer up two quick 'n' burly mini-anthems featuring their most beloved lineup of Don of the Dead, Reaper, and the late, great Jim Sadist (RIP). For their part, SLOTH offer up three tracks of bewildering punk/noise experimentalism, making this split even more collectible for NUNSLAUGHTER completists. Get this one once again before it's gone forever!


Recording information:

Recorded at Mother Mary's Rehearsal compound on or about November 25th, 


Mixed at Bedroom Studios on January 9th, 2007.


Side A

Nunslaughter - God Has Lied 01:27  Show lyrics

Nunslaughter - Hornets in the Chapel 01:57  Show lyrics


Side B

Sloth - Nerdinja 02:00

Sloth - Big Pharm Scam 00:53

Sloth - Nerdinja (Reprise)


Don of the Dead - Vespidae

Sadist - Apocrita

Reaper - Hymenoptera

Nunslaughter / Sloth - Split PIC 7"EP

89,00 krPrice
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