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Obscure Burial - Obscure Burial LP

No memory, no past nor future, but the fertile blackness of One and Only, the Lawless King, son of the stillborn moment. Year 2012, Obscure Burial forms and first demonstration tape ”God’s Abomination” is released. With fiery material, future set on live shows, several performances are being made across native soil and abroad.

2014 spawns ”Epiphany”, second tape release with more advanced and dynamic approach. After a minor line up change, debut album gets recorded late 2016 in local upcoming studio. The magnum opus is produced with the most suitable way for hideous Death Metal: capturing essence of raw and reckless tritones in live performance. Timeless.

For all ends, for we are in Death - we stand eternal.

Obscure Burial - Obscure Burial LP

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