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Ofermod - Pentagrammaton 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

Pentagrammaton was recorded under miserable conditions in genuine affliction, torment and chaos above all in Necromorbus Studio anno 2005. Mixed and mastered originally & remixed and remastered in 2020 by Tore Stjerna. Track 3 written by Atum. Track 7 written by Chivah. All other tracks written by Belfagor. All lyrics written by Belfagor, except “Unfolding Paradox in Final Redemption” which was written by Moloch.

On this recording session Ofermod was:
Belfagor: Guitars
Moloch: Vocals
Tehom: Bass
Chivah: Drums

Pentagrammaton is released in honor of Belial as a product of Shadow Records in 2020, 15 years after it was recorded. All rights reserved.
1. Persisting to Die in Thee
2. Tiamtu
3. Unfolding Paradow in Final Redemption
4. The Becoming of Pentagrammaton
5. Birth of a Man-God
6. Foamborn Kytheria
7. A Likeness to Yah


This is the second pressing.

Ofermod - Pentagrammaton 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

249,00 krPrice
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