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Patronymicon - Ushered Forth by Cloven Tongue LP

Black Metal from Sweden. Their third album from 2019.

Blessed by the dark Gods in 2008 Patronymicon brought their uncompromising black metal to this world of scuminfested inhabitants.
Through a journey of blood, chaos and violence they now 11 years later stand stronger and prouder than ever before, presenting their third masterpiece of haunting violent black metal pride. From the fastest blastbeats to the grooving slow paced haunting riffs and drums that take you on a dark trip to the underworld, while being possessed by the eerie vocals spewed forth. You've been warned, Patronymicon attack.


Limited edition to 300 copies on black vinyl.

Patronymicon - Ushered Forth by Cloven Tongue LP

179,00 krPrice
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