Plaguestorm - Eternal Throne CD

Jewelcase CD featuring the full discography of Plaguestorm remastered and more better sounding than ever. Includes the Eternal Throne-LP + "Bestial Exekution" demo from 2013 and "Promo 2014" from 2014.


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HELTER SKELTER proudly presents PLAGUESTORM's first official release, "Eternal Throne"- An EP featuring 4 tracks of orthodox Swedish black metal released as 12" vinyl and digital as well.

PLAGUESTORM, hailing from the Swedish city of Malmö together with such bands as Ultra Silvam, Hinsides and Jordablod, features in its ranks M.A. from Ultra Silvam and Hinsides, here presenting material from before these two acts were formed.

Having released two cult-demos, PLAGUESTORM finally breaks the ice after four years of silence with the following EP. Recorded in 2015, it was intented to be relased the same year, but faced many hardships and delays, but is finally being showcased to the world three years later. On "Eternal Throne", PLAGUESTORM features four tracks in 21 minutes, where all possible aspects of black metal is being mixed into one, big gruesome bowl where everything from the classic guitar leads of Mercyful Fate, and the chaotic mayhem of Katharsis has it's righteous place. Pure devil-worshipping reaping metal of absolute DEATH.

Plaguestorm - Eternal Throne CD

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