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Resurgency ‎– False Enlightenment LP

„False Enlightenment” is the debut full-length from the Greek death metal act Resurgency. The album features top-notch songwriting and stellar riffage, perfectly balancing between the groovy pummeling of Bolt Thrower and the midpaced brilliance of Entombed with the crushing vocals being highly reminiscent of Vader’s Peter, but without copying any of these bands. Everything with a high dose of brutality and perfect production. From the conceptual point of view „False Enlightenment” is exactly what the title means – the wrong, perverted mirroring of the truth forced on mankind, through a chaotic dimensional filter of madness and blackened mindedness…. Best 2012 underground death metal album to date? Check this by yourself…

Resurgency ‎– False Enlightenment LP

179,00 krPrice
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