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Satanize - Baphomet Altar Worship CD/LP BUNDLE

Bundle version with both LP and CD at a great bundle price!


HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present SATANIZE’s highly anticipated sixth album, Baphomet Altar Worship, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Since 2001, Portugal’s SATANIZE have been prolifically pursuing their own vision of all-caps BLACK METAL. Of that prolific canon, they’ve released five full-lengths and more than twice as many EPs and splits. During that time, the longstanding duo of Reverend of Diabolical Services and Sinister Sorcery (barbaric skullhammers & poisonous hate commands) and Reverend of the Hell Legions and Macabre Tyranny (bestial strings of holocaust & low pulse desecration) have not so much “evolved” as literally devolved, locating and then desecrating the most primal expression of blackest metal they can.

To that, whereas so many of their Portuguese contemporaries live or die on withering rawness, the contemporary SATANIZE terrorize the underground with a righteously barbaric assault on the senses. Witness their latest Baphomet Altar Worship. Truly titled, Baphomet Altar Worship is an iron-fisted, close-minded, and unapologetically ignorant display of feral ‘n’ fiery bestiality. Pounding and pulsing, overwhelming in their gibbering intensity, SATANIZE utterly PUNISH the listener with one mesmerizing-yet-malicious hymn after another; sonic slaughter abounds at every seemingly chaotic, careening turn. And yet, note the word “seemingly,” for however jagged and jarring their bestial blackgrind may be, SATANIZE wield their physicality with an almost martial strictness – one could even liken it “Zen” – and a strangely tuneful “catchiness” arises. But, escape never an option: only submission. And, before you know it, the 29 minutes of Baphomet Altar Worship are over and you’re begging the duo for more, more, MORE. Truly, SATANIZE are the ultimate in paradigmatic bestial black metal.

Fittingly completed by cover artwork courtesy of longtime comrade Sickness666, SATANIZE herald the impending Apocalypse with Baphomet Altar Worship! 


Satanize - Baphomet Altar Worship CD/LP BUNDLE

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