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Serpent Ritual - Nexvs Diaboli MLP

HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS is proud to present SERPENT RITUAL's debut demo, Nexvs Diaboli, on 12" vinyl format. An otherwise new (and mysterious) entity hailing from Italy, SERPENT RITUAL released Nexvs Diaboli as a cassette in a mere 50 copies, but so impressed by its ritualistic churn, we just had to release it on vinyl! Indeed, Nexvs Diaboli is ritualistic churn par excellence, upending the usual "bestial metal" cliches by drawing hypnotic influence from the oft-overlooked likes of Demoncy's Joined in Darkness, mid-period Beherit, and disciples Void Meditation Cult. It's a creepy and unsettling 20 minutes, but Nexvs Diaboli fatefully works its black magick - join with SERPENT RITUAL! 

Serpent Ritual debut mini-album "Nexvs Diaboli" features 4 tracks of ritualistic black metal of death.


Available on black 12" vinyl (limited edition of 500 copies).

Serpent Ritual - Nexvs Diaboli MLP

79,00 krPrice
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