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The Curse of Sahara - Phantom Member/Cheap Luv 7" SINGLE (White) (PRE-ORDER)


Limited edition 7" single on white vinyl
-housed in fold out sleeve
-limited edition of 100 on white vinyl



HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present the first release of THE CURSE OF SARAHA (previously known as Sahara)- a two-song EP, Phantom Member / Cheap Luv, on 7" vinyl format - under their new moniker.

There's only one thing to can say, do you dig rock and roll? Well, if the answer is YES, then Sahara is what you've been looking for. Let's get one thing straight – the audio quality ain't exactly "hi-fi," but weaving the dark recordings of black metal into a rock and roll sound isn't an everyday spectacle.

Influences are as clear as day: Mountain and Black Sabbath, the grandmasters of the '70s The two tracks are quick hitters, both sung by Gabriel Ravera, the "mr. Bass man"
The vintage sound has been nailed down, not just the riffs and the distortion, but the entire essence, there's even a dash of British psychedelia, courtesy of the keyboard in the mix.

Martin Ludi takes the helm of the guitar solos, echoing Leslie West in a way that can't be missed, while Lucio Rodriguez on drums lays down fills that nod to the likes of Neil Peart.

If this is a sneak peek of their upcoming album, mark my words, this band deserves your undivided attention. Rock and roll is most certainly alive and kicking.

The Curse of Sahara - Phantom Member/Cheap Luv 7" SINGLE (White) (PRE-ORDER)

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