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The Mould Mag Chronicles BOOK (PRE-ORDER)

Hard cover book A4 size (210x297mm), 206 pages printed on 130g paper.(note, this is the book only version, no 7" vinyl is included in this version)



On November 17th, HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) will release the Mould Mag book, written by Perra Karlsson and edited by Janne Stark. Featuring 206 pages and a bonus 7” from Sweden’s CREMATORY, Mould Mag will be the first-ever book release for HELTER SKELTER.

A short-lived yet classic fanzine, Mould released its first issue in 1990, and featured among its pages interviews with Entombed, Grave, Necrophobic, Sweden’s Grotesque, and Finland’s Abhorrence among others – a veritable time capsule of this pioneering era of extreme metal. Helmed by Karlsson – who was drumming for Sweden’s Suffer at the time and would go on to have a prolific drumming career, which continues to this day, for the likes of In Aeternum, Nominon, and Destroyer666 among many others – Mould would continue for three more issues over the next few years, featuring in its pages the likes of Bolt Thrower, Dissection, Cynic, Deicide, Mortician, Vital Remains, Sadus, Macabre, Nocturnus, Disembowelment, Convulse, Deceased, Sweden’s Merciless, America’s Baphomet, and Rottrevore among many, MANY others as well as hundreds upon HUNDREDS of reviews. A crucial document of the burgeoning death metal movement, Mould was part of the lifeline – namely, fanzines and tape trading – that would help spread this movement and its influence worldwide, and this book collects all four issues in their entirety. Also included are recollections of the era by the author himself as well as members of Grave, Entombed, Sweden’s Toxaemia, and other members of the early Scandinavian death metal scene. Completing the era-authentic documentation is a two-song 7” featuring demo recordings from Sweden’s cult CREMATORY.

About the Crematory 7" single:
Crematory Sweden: 1989 - 1993
Featuring two pre-demo test recordings.
Bands own presentation of the material:
"Studio Grottan (rehearsal rooms, recording studio and ... nightclub) in Bollmora, Stockholm gave us the opportunity to do some test recordings before recording the whole demo. Which we did before both the first and the second demo. There are slight musical differences from the versions later recorded for the respective demo and a different sound. The biggest differrence is probably that we tuned down some more between recording the pre-demo and recording The Exordium demo, so the version of Requiem of the Dead featured here is a bit higher in tuning. And a bit faster in the slow parts. As for Unconsecrated Ground the biggest difference is probably that the pre-demo version doesn't have a guitar solo. And a great scream during the blast beats at the end. I wonder why we didn't have that on the demo version? Sounds great.

The Exordium - demo 1, was recorded in Dec '89 - Jan '90 and the pre-demo version of Requiem of the Dead was recorded some weeks prio to that. The second demo - Wrath from the Unknown - was recorded during the Autumn of 1990 and the pre-demo version of Unconsecrated Ground was recorded sometime during the summer."

Requiem of the Dead
Music: U. Skytt 89
Lyrics: S. Harrvik 89

Unconsecrated Ground
Music: U. Skytt 90
Lyrics: S. Harrvik 90 


releases November 17, 2023

The Mould Mag Chronicles BOOK (PRE-ORDER)

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