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Throane - Derrière-Nous, La Lumière DIGI-CD

"Derrière-Nous, La Lumière" is a giant wave of despair, a colossal edifice of discordant guitars and heartbreaking howling built on mid-paced and oppressive tempo, reminiscent of GODFLESHNEUROSIS or BLUT AUS NORD. The poisonous heaviness of this insane work of Art, truly mind-melting, is dangerously addictive, intelligently repetitive and hypnotic.

The infected music of THROANE is a despereate landscape, a massive nihilistic echo crawling into the mystic depths of the human soul, at the crossroads between Industrial Black Metal, Post-Core and Dark Ambient.

Seconds press - Limited to 500 copies.

Throane - Derrière-Nous, La Lumière DIGI-CD

SKU: DMP0142-07
130,00 krPrice
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