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Vader ‎– XXV 2xCD

Death Metal from Poland. A collection of re-recorded songs from all of Vader's albums from The Ultimate Incantation to The Beast.

All tracks were re-recorded in 2008 exclusively for this release! 
Track CD2-7 - Dedicated to Doc (R.I.P.) 
Track CD2-9 - Dedicated to Jesse Pintado (R.I.P.) 

Tracks CD1-2 to CD1-6 taken from The Ultimate Incantation album. 
Tracks CD1-7 to CD1-11 & CD2-13 taken from De Profundis album. 
Tracks CD1-12 to CD1-15 taken from Black To The Blind album. 

Track CD2-1 taken from Kingdom mini-album. 
Tracks CD2-2 to CD2-5 taken from Litany album. 
Track CD2-6 taken from Reign Forever World mini-album. 
Track CD2-7 taken from Revelations album. 
Track CD2-8/CD2-14 taken from The Beast album. 
Tracks CD2-9 & CD2-10 taken from Future Of The Past tribute album. 
Tracks CD2-11 & CD2-12 taken from Live In Decay live/rehearsal tape. 

Vader ‎– XXV 2xCD

149,00 krPrice
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