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Venereal Baptism - Deviant Castigation Liturgy CD

A brutal avalanche of perverse Black/Death metal mayhem from the USA! First album from 2017.
Venereal Baptism was spawned as a solo project of Adversor (Nethermost, Grieving Mirth, Mysteria Inframundi, Gibbet) in 2014 in Laredo, Texas right at the border of USA and Mexico with the intention of creating dark and fast music that would blur the line between black and death metal. Venereal Baptism decided to go full force in 2016 entering the studio again to record their first full length album “Deviant Castigation Liturgy” recruiting Prokingu (Plutonian Shore), Fermentor (Decayed Mutilation) and Warblast (Violate) filling in for bass, lead guitars and drums respectively. Now as a full-fletched horde, the venereal machine is embarking on a mission to spread contagion across the continents. Salve Carnifex!

Venereal Baptism - Deviant Castigation Liturgy CD

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