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Walpurgia - Altar of the Goatbaphomet LP (Red Vinyl)

Limited to 199 copies only, on red vinyl!!


Hailing from Greece, WALPURGIA were created in 2019 Anno Bastardi with the intention to create blasphemous and apocalyptic war metal. A power-trio in the true sense of the word, the band features a wealth of underground experience in their ranks: Porphyrion (Nergal, Kawir, Cult of Eibon etc) spawned the seed and summoned the exiled beasts of Nyogtha (HATE MANIFESTO, BLACK BLOOD INVOCATION, Caedes Cruenta, Cult of Eibon etc) and Sadistic Necrofagos (Kawir, Caedes Cruenta, Ithaqua etc) to seal this pact in blood.

Altar of the Goatbaphomet is WALPURGIA’s first desecration, featuring five foul hymns in a sulfurous 22 minutes. Undoubtedly, parallels can be drawn to the members’ richly various works – the legacy of true Hellenic black metal endures – but WALPURGIA’s ancient attack takes on an altogether more violent and hypnotic aspect, burling deep into the body and subconscious alike with ritualistic ease. Each of those anthems goatgrinds with utterly unhinged abandon, evoking a carnal and charnel hypnosis, with strident war commands atop and flowing forward with filth & fury. No progression, no compromise: WALPURGIA play for goat warriors exclusively. Shemhamforash!


Walpurgia - Altar of the Goatbaphomet LP (Red Vinyl)

79,00 krPrice
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