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Wargrinder - Ironclad Destroyer MCD

Helter Skelter Productions (distributed & marketed by Regain Records) are proud to present Hellas death metal warmongers, WARGRINDER.

Wargrinder was founded by extreme metal drummer Warhead in 1999. The band did 4 demos with him on bass and vocals. A period of inactivity occured where Warhead took the time to compose new material, learn to play guitar better and handle everything by himself. Meanwhile he recorded drums for a multitude of bands. In 2009, the debut The Seal of Genocide was re-recorded. With additional new material to complete the 1st 2004 draft recording, the debut was the harbinger of what was to come. Till now, the band has released 4 demos, 3 full albums, 1 split CD and this year the Ironclad Destroyer EP.

Wargrinder - Ironclad Destroyer MCD

49,00 krPrice
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