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Witchrist - The Grand Tormentor 2xLP (Red Vinyl)

Limited edition with gatefold cover 350 gram mat varnish, double red vinyl 180 gram. A5 booklet 16 pages on uncoated art paper. 


From the primal murk of there earlier material, which combined the darkest elements of Black Metal with the heaviest components of Death Metal, Witchrist have taken both disciplines and sharpened each of them with 'The Grand Tormentor'.. and it seems as if the architects of this album have embraced the idea of progression and refinement by employing more weight to the guitars, more metal to the speed, more Monolithic resolve to the riffs of Doom by awakening the ancient gods of Death Metal, Witchrist deploy everything from there arsenal in there latest offering.. Opening with grinding slabs of doom deathmetal with 'Into the Arms of Yama' they extract molten lava before pouring it back into the abyss, The Grand Tormentor is in design an epic journey right from the outset, coming in at just under an hour it has this continueous feel of moving forward with well controlled variations of head stomping tempo's as well as slugging your way through a battlefield to the sound of a knuckle dragging funeral march, which rounds up the very end of the album, Witchrist bring us full circle beheading the great ouroborus with the dirge of 'Funeral Lotus' to remind us all that ancient sound of Doom and Death Metal is still alive and well. 

Witchrist - The Grand Tormentor 2xLP (Red Vinyl)

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