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Witchsnake - Witchsnake DIGI-CD

Grafvitnir - "Into the Outer Wilderness"
-Sturdy 4 panel digipak

HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present the striking debut album of Italy's WITCHSNAKE, self-titled Witchsnake, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

WITCHSNAKE are a new formation hailing from Italy, who may or may not contain members of other cult Italian bands. All we know is that the band's lineup consists of Al on "guitars, bass, possession" and Joe on "drums, weed." Fittingly, WITCHSNAKE's self-titled debut is a smoke-choked juggernaut of blackened-yet-bluesy STONER DOOM in the strictest, most traditional sense. The album's first three tracks are the newest, recorded in August 2022 and showcase WITCHSNAKE at their most towering and terrifying. Just witness the monolithic "Weed of the Witch / Black Trip" - truly, a more perfect title one will not find - and that just might be the fatal dose. But then the second half of the album is comprised of three tracks recorded a month earlier, which the band consider their original demo. Jammier and mostly instrumental, they conclude the album in fitting style.

Now finally available in physical formats, WITCHSNAKE announce their swaggering arrival with Witchsnake!


Witchsnake - Witchsnake DIGI-CD

129,00 krPrice
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