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Wyer - Raeht TAPE

Black Metal from Italy.  Their EP from 2018 presented on physical format for the first time.

In a career spanning half a decade, Wyer have constructed a portfolio of sonic thrill, from the experimental noise drones of the debut "Void.", into the Black Metal maelstrom exhibited on the latest EP, "Raeht.". The purportedly dissimilar facets of the Italian one-man band convey in itself a parallel aura, one of crushing claustrophobia, penetrating resonances pervading as an outlet for the entity behind it to express its inner blackness. "Raeht" is an explosion of emotion and angst, a discharge of thunderous Black Metal in short yet challenging and sheerly dynamic compositions. Varied and utterly intense, Wyer thrives between pugnacious blast-beating emissions, into oppressive slower and heavier sections which superbly craft that exact ambience of anxiety, an invisible forceful hand into the neck of the listener that grasps for air in the midst of such electrifying strength. Gaining thoroughly from the weighty and excellently organic production, "Raeht" captures all the elemental essence of Wyer, from the plunging riffing mammoth to the pulsing rhythmic section, exulting of feeling and lively power. In the eye of the storm, the vocals stand as the pivotal ingredient, a truly possessed performance, chilling wails like a banishment or yet the summoning of the utmost inner demons.

Wyer - Raeht TAPE

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